Membrandt™ – We Deliver YOUR Mastery

We Deliver YOUR Mastery

Membrandt™ is a technology platform that creates your own custom Mobile Learning app for account access to your company, published in the app stores - both Apple & Google - under your account and branded to you and integrated with your existing CRM (customer relationship management) platform.

  • Enables you to build stronger relationships with your clients via push-notification engagement
  • Increase your lifetime customer value and retention thru enhanced consumption & engagement
  • Sell your digital content, training and courses via In-App Purchases
  • Allow your clients to access your content when they want, where they want & how they want
  • Integrate your content fulfillment & onboarding experience with your existing CRM
  • Position your company as an elite leader in your niche with your own Mobile Learning app 

There's far too much to list here, which is why we've created this short 9-minute video recap and overview of Membrandt, what it is, and what it can do for you! Click the button below to watch now.

(Just 9 minutes & downloadable transcript available too)

We Integrate with Your Existing CRM

CRM platforms we fully support

In-App Purchases on Your Membrandt-Powered App

You can now use in-app purchases to sell your digital courses, training, audio books, or other digital content directly within the app. If you're not familiar with in-app purchases, you should be. They are the lowest friction method of making a sale that exists. 

There's no need to enter a credit card to make a purchase when using in-app purchases. You simply tap on the buy button, confirm your purchase with FaceID or ThumbID on iOS or your thumbprint on Android devices, and your purchase is instantly charged onto your app store default credit card.


  • Paid directly to your bank account
  • Pricing ranging from $0.99 to $999.99
  • One-time Product & Subscription Support
  • When a purchase is made, we tag the client in your CRM so you can automate around it
  • Support for both Apple & Google app stores

In-app purchases offer a great way for converting prospects to clients in the most frictionless and immediate manner possible. There isn't even a thank you page after they buy, they're simply sent directly to their purchase! Users love consuming content this way because it is immediate.

Membrandt Features

Authenticate the user via API to your CRM to ensure access  

Use your CRM's tags to control access to training content & Navigation - easily controlled within your CRM

Use a payment failure tag in your CRM to restrict access to refunders, chargebacks and payment failures

Drip out or release content on any schedule you want by simply applying tags in your CRM

Share the same tags that control access with your desktop LMS (only available on supported LMS/memberships)

Create passwords for new accounts with a single API call in Your CRM

Chosen by industry leading experts

Anyone Can Use Our Simple Drag & Drop Builder With A Few Clicks

Easy publishing of your courses, content, company training & app navigation:

  • You have control
  • No need for us to do it or for you to submit a helpdesk ticket
  • Highlight & Expire content as needed - you have full control

Changes made within the CMS are published out to your app.

Key Features of Membrandt

Send push notifications as simply as you would send an email broadcast and filter them by tags as well

Stream your audio/video content to Bluetooth headsets, speakers and even to Chromecast and AppleTV devices

Track video consumption automatically, but also allow the user to manually mark lessons complete

Intelligent video playback that allows you to switch a video into audio only mode for background playing

Speed it up! Up to 2x playback speed options for audio and video

Downloaded content for offline access with a secure, client-controlled mechanism that protects your IP

Remember where you left off - even across different devices and device types (Android, Tablets & iOS)

Fully supports Amazon Fire tablets now and limited support for iPads (full support coming soon)

Unique navigation which is fully customizable and client controlled - No one size fits all approach!

How your content gets to your customers


Upload your audios, videos, articles and resources

Use a simple interface to create your courses and upload the content. You can also include other resources and article content as well which the user can even scale to read easier. The interface is simple and so are the steps. Just enter a title, description, upload an icon and upload your company content and you're done! It's as fast as uploading a video to YouTube. We even allow you to crop the image to fit to save time.

NOTE: This is not a peer-to-peer content sharing tool. You must have legal ownership of all content you upload. And your users will not be able to upload or share their own content, but simply consume and access your company content.


Position it where ever you'd like in the app!

We know that a "one size fits all" approach to managing your content would be a disaster. So we allow you to arrange the menus and navigation however you want. We even protect you from yourself by automatically hiding menus that have no content underneath them. And we allow you to highlight menu items by changing their background color and even to set content expiration dates so it "disappears" when it's expired!


refresh your homepage and see it there!

As soon as you hit publish, the content is LIVE! Your users will see it the next time they login or refresh the homepage. It's that simple and that fast... In fact, you may likely find you don't even need to employ that VA you're currently using to maintain the content on your WP site - it's so easy you may just opt to do it yourself.

What our clients are saying

“There is no simpler solution for content creators to create & upload videos, that my prospects & clients can simply consume inside 'my house' (my unique, custom membership app; iOS & Android), versus competing for attention in the social media world. It’s a true game changer!"

Tom Beal,

Internet Marketing Legend!

"One of my favorite features is the built-in speed control and the convenience of being able to consume audio or video through the app while doing something else (even offline mode).  

Highly recommended if you have online courses you want people to consume.

Johnny Hill

Membrandt Client

"Troy and his group recently launched Membrandt and this IS Mastery app from that is really smooth and busting with content. I've watched video, listened to audio, and read content in the app. Smooth and graceful flow. Excellent product! Not to mention the value of IS Mastery and Inner Circle."

Shawn Blair,

Membrandt User

"Every membership site needs an app like this!  I've dropped out of memberships in the past because there was no ideal way to consume the content on the go. 

So many great features yet so simple to navigate. I love it!"

Moshe Gotfryd, Maximind Learning

Membrandt Client

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to upload all of my content?

Is there a limit on how many courses I can upload?

Can I post my blog posts into Membrandt?

Can my users upload their content?

Are there any other costs?

What CRM's do you integrate with? Mine isn't listed.

Do I have to use a CRM?

Does Membrandt support Wistia & Vimeo videos?

How long does it take to get setup?

Why do I have to have a Business Apple Dev Account?

Important Disclosures

  • You must own legal rights to all content published within your Membrandt created app. This is not a peer-to-peer file sharing service. Content is published from your company and made available to your clients as Mobile Learning training and educational content.
  • Push notifications must not be used for marketing and sales. They are designed to engage your clients within your app, encourage them to consume your content, remind them of upcoming events and notify them of activity and alerts. However, you must fully comply with both Apple and Google Terms of Service regarding proper messaging, usage and not abuse said guidelines.
  • The Membrandt-created app will be published under your Developer accounts and it is your full responsibility to understand the Apple and Google Developer programs, licenses and Terms of Service and appropriately comply. Failure to do so may result in suspension or ban from both the Membrant platform as well as either or both of the Apple and/or Google app stores.

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